Learning to Blog

Over the last 8 weeks this blog has been quite an experience! In addition to learning about emerging media, the internet of things, and enchanted objects among many other topics, the course for which this blog was started has added blogger to the list of learnings. So with this experience, I’d like to share my perspective on writing and keeping a blog.

  1. Just Write It. If you have an idea, write it down, type it up, get it out of your brain and into writing – don’t wait.The writing doesn’t have to be perfect,  you can revise it later.
  2. Set time aside each day to follow up on your industry. This does not include scrolling your personal facebook and instagram accounts. Utilize content tools such as flipboard or  LinkedIn’s Pulse where you can choose content topics and find out what companies are doing that is working in marketing and advertising and find out the latest and greatest regarding emerging media, new technology, etc.
  3. Give yourself more time to curate than you think you’ll need. In order to find interesting information that hasn’t been discussed in 20 other similar blogs, it takes time to sort through large amounts of data and find information that will intrigue your readers and keep their attention.
  4. Finish what you start. Continuing the point from # 2 – writing down your thoughts and ideas is important, but finishing the draft and hitting that publish button is even more important. Chances are distractions (good and bad) will take over, you’ll lose the thought, and end up with endless unpublished drafts. Set time aside each week to bring your thoughts to fruition, proof and publish your drafts.
  5. Have fun with your content. A blog is a chance to share your ideas of the industry – while its important to include current trends and industry info, it is also okay to highlight the fun and light-hearted side of emerging media – i.e. see post on Pi Day.


What tips or advice would you give to the next class of IMC619 bloggers? Feel free to comment!