Standing Out is a Good Thing!

When it comes to diversifying yourself and your brand, all most brands want is to be noticed. So this one goes without saying, but its important to stand out in a world of digital ads yelling “click me”, emails screaming “read me” and video ads blaring “watch me!” And if you have experienced any of the above interactions with other brands advertising in the digital space as a consumer, you understand from a marketing perspective how crowded the online advertising arena has become. So to bring to light how to differentiate your brand in a world of clutter, here are a few important tips from top industry blogs who have developed very diverse ideas on the topic.


  1. Customer Service is KEY! Strong brands are built on exceptional customer service. It’s simple – take care of your customers like they are your family – they deserve it! And, in a world where unhappy customers can (and will) tell you about all of their negative experiences with their brand, take the time to understand where their dissatisfaction is coming from, get the the root of the problem, and prevent it from happening again.
  2. Maintain a Consistent Brand Image: From banner ad, to social media post, to email message – your brand should maintain a similar look and feel throughout all of your advertising – without saying the exact same thing over and over again. For example, if some of your promotions are lighthearted and humorous while others are conservative and formal, you are sending a mixed message. Developing a distinctive personality is part of becoming recognizable and unique.
  3. Find a Balance – Figuring out the right target audience, the right platform, and the right message takes time. Striking the right chord takes time and effort, testing, and more time and effort. If you have analyzed your messages and adjusted your efforts based on what worked well (and what didn’t) and your messages still aren’t resonating with potential customers – perhaps it’s time to draw a new map.


What methods have you taken to diversify your brand? What has worked well and what has failed?


One thought on “Standing Out is a Good Thing!

  1. This topic is my constant struggle as a business owner. I want us to be known as experts in our field, but this made me realize we aren’t always consistent. I’ll be sharing the “C-D map” link to our marketers for sure – its a new concept that really illustrates our problem. I have trouble knowing what content to share within each social channel too. We’ve started using Facebook for company news and speaking engagements. We’ve started an email newsletter and tweet industry links throughout the week before to gauge content worthiness. A “C-D Map” will give my team a new way to think about our brand for sure.


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