Who’s Celebrating Pi Day?

Bill Gates said it best in 1996 when he published his article Content is King.

“If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will. They need to have audio, and possibly video. They need an opportunity for personal involvement that goes far beyond that offered through the letters-to-the-editor pages of print magazines.”

Content can be anything that a brand creates (or regenerates) and that provides useful information to the consumer. By this definition, almost anything on the internet could be considered content, however, it’s a matter of whether or not the content intrigues and peaks the interest of consumers that makes a difference for brands.

Personally, I enjoy  seeing brands use social media platforms to playfully bring to light events and observances that otherwise go unrecognized. So today, in honor of Pi Day, let’s take a look at how brands are messaging their content in celebration of the day:

Pizza Hut

The national pizza restaurant ran a contest in which customers had the chance to win 3.14 years worth of free pizza for being the first to answer math questions correctly through out the day. “Nobody knows ‘pie’ like Pizza Hut, but this March 14, Pizza Hut is dropping the “e” in honor of Pi—3.14—everyone’s favorite irrational number,” Pizza Hut said in a blog post announcing the promotion. And, the brand did a great job of promoting their contest as several big name site such as fortune and cnbc picked up the contest and featured the brand giving free publicity to the restaurant chain and the contest.


Brook’s Running

The sporting goods apparel and footwear company took to social media to celebrate pi day in running mileage with their tweet, “We’ll be running 3.14 miles today in celebration of . Who’s in??



Even Disney joined in on the pi day fun with their clever math supporting tweet, “Math is sweet!”


These are three great examples of ways in which brands leveraged the day to draw consumers closer to their brands and closer to their products/services. So often brands are set on selling that they forget to humanize their content and enjoy the fun side of marketing their message. As a marketer, take some time to use platforms where your audience is engaged and provide fun, relevant, entertaining messages. When you take the right steps with content marketing, you really can have your pi and eat it too!


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